New Polymer for Low Temperature Oily Stains




January 12, 2021


Introducing Sokalan® HP 30 Booster

Sokalan® HP 30 Booster from BASF fills a noted gap in the market. Sokalan® HP 30 Booster is specifically formulated to address oily stain removal, even at low temperatures. Oily stains are notoriously challenging in liquid laundry, and superior efficacy at low temperatures is something consumers and brands alike have been asking for.

In addition, to low temperature oily stain removal, Sokalan® HP 30 Booster has a high-active content (100%) formulation that makes this polymer optimal for concentrated formulations.

Blend for broad spectrum stain removal

Sokalan® HP 30 Booster has been shown to be highly effective at concentrations as low as 1% against tough stains like bacon grease, butter, and oil. The chart below shows results of NA3 baseline (a model premium liquid detergent) plus 1% and 2% Sokalan® HP 30 Booster. Note the prevalence of green results (indicating statistical improvements) in the oily category.

Sokalan® HP 30 Booster also combines well with other polymers, including the Sokalan® HP 20 product from BASF which is highly effective against stains from oxidizable/bleachable stains and clay. Formulations with 1% of HP 30 Booster and 1% HP 20 offers broad spectrum stain removal at low temperatures.

What you need to know

Sokalan® HP 30 Booster is an alkoxylated polyethleneimine with a pH level of approximately 10, viscosity of 1500 mPas (at 23 degrees Centigrade) and densityof 1.06 g/cm3 (at 20 degrees Centigrade). It is available as a flowable liquid with 100% actives content.

Readyfor action

Combining low temperature performance, compatibility with concentrated performance, and superior oily stain removal, Sokalan® HP 30 Booster offers a high-value method of enhancing a liquid laundry detergent formulation to meet current customer demands.

With expectations of efficacy and sustainability expected to rise – along with an unwillingness to compromise one for the other – polymers like Sokalan® HP 30 Booster are going to be in increasing demand. To learn more about Sokalan® HP30 Booster, Sokalan® HP 20 or any of BASF’s polymer products, please request as sample or get in touch today.


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